“I am a reflexology convert. I was very worried / cynical about this unknown treatment in the beginning but am now converted.
Joan had a difficult starting point – I do not like to be touched so she helped break that barrier in a gentle, efficient manner. The pace of the treatments was good – neither rushed nor too long!  All my questions (I no doubt had many) were answered and explanations were very concise, clear and fascinating. 
I believe that as a result of reflexology treatments, I have reduced thyroid medication dosage, reduced cholesterol levels, looser ankles and neck. 
I would recommend Joan as a therapist.  She is born to this reflexology. I wish her much success."

“ I was immediately put at ease by Joan. She is a very natural person and it is very easy to connect with her. The interest she has for holistic treatment encouraged me to see my twinges and aches as something connected to my general wellbeing on a deeper level and piqued my curiosity for alternative and holistic treatments. Never having attended a reflexology session before I had lots of questions and Joan took so much time, explaining in detail the responses.
Joan’s treatments worked very well for me on 2 levels. The treatments themselves were very relaxing and contributed to my general well being. My shoulders did loosen out significantly and I realised that I carry stress on the right side of my body. I had not made that connection before. I feel much healthier and am encouraged to make healthier choices (food intake, managing stress levels....). I would consider the more significant point to be my realisation of the need to see my own body as a whole and to understand that something as simple as taking care of my body could have such a positive impact on my overall sense of wellness.
I believe that it was my total confidence in Joan that made the course of treatments so effective. We did not know each other before the sessions began and so these responses are not those of a friend being loyal. I believe that the confidence resulted from the very apparent commitment that Joan has to reflexology, her own ease with the treatments and the effectiveness of those treatments. At every point, Joan behaved in a very professional manner, took full account of any points I raised and responded to any queries I had."
"I must admit that at first, I was not convinced by Reflexology nor did I have a negative image. I was neutral but eager to try a ‘soft’ approach (i.e. no medication) to help me with my sleeping problems.
Reflexology did help me already after just a few sessions hence the reason why I would like to continue.  I would recommend
Joan, her approach is very professional and she works on the feet with confidence and it seemed to come to her naturally."
"I found the reflexology treatments very beneficial and definitely noticed an improvement in my general health.  Joan took on board all aspects of my well being to ensure a holistic approach to the reflexology sessions.
There were various conditions I presented which definitely benefited from the reflexology treatments and I would definitely continue treatment in the future.
I recommend Joan as a Reflexology Therapist." 
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