What to Expect: 
Before the treatment
The initial treatment will begin with your therapist explaining what reflexology is and describing/demonstrating the techniques used during the treatment.  Your therapist will take some background information and ask questions regarding your general health, medical history, lifestyle patterns etc.  This information will help the therapist during the treatment and it ensures that reflexology is a suitable treatment for you.  The information obtained during the consultation is held in strict confidence and will not be discussed or shared with anyone.
Sometimes, if under existing medical supervision, you may need your doctor's permission before beginning reflexology treatments.
You will also be made aware of possible reactions during and after a treatment (listed below)
During the treatment
Following the consultation, the actual reflexology session begins.  The reflexology treatment lasts about 40 minutes.  The treatment takes place on a reclining chair.  The shoes and socks must be removed and the client is made comfortable.  The therapist will examine the feet before applying thumb/finger pressure to the reflex points on the feet/lower leg.  The pressure applied can be adjusted to suit the client. 
After the treatment 
Possible, temporary reactions to a reflexology treatment:
  • More frequent visits to the toilet
  • Intensified emotional reactions
  • Excessive thirst
  • Excessive Tiredness
  • Hunger or lack of appetite
  • Calm/Relaxed feeling
N.B. If you experience any of these sensations please remember, they are temporary!
To ensure maximum benefit from your treatment please do the following:
  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes for 24hours
  • Rest
  • Listen to your body!
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